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                      The Medical Education unit of Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Center was formed on  3rd December 2008 under the chairman ship of the then Dean of the Medical college.The Medical Education unit has been conducting various programs in Medical Education like CMEs Workshop and other Academic activities since its inception. The Medical Education unit had involved in various Academic activities like Clinical Society Meeting, Journal Clubs on monthly basis regularly during the previous years.The present Medical Education Unit was reconstituted under the chairman Ship of the Dean Prof.Dr.K.Kalaiselvi on 28th October 2009.The Medical Education unit in one of the very active and vibrant Department of Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Center.The Medical Education Unit actively organized Sensitization Workshop on Medical Education Technology and also a Basic Level Workshop on Medical Education Technology under the auspices of Regional Training Center approved by MCI.

                           This College has full fledged facilities comprising of faculty members and support services . Faculty members are constantly attending CME Programmes. Two of our professors were conferred best medical teachers award. Need based community oriented, up to date medical education is being provided to the students and para medical workers at par with national and international standard by a battery of qualified and experienced teachers through didactic lectures, practicals, clinical demonstration, bedside teaching, group discussion, symposium, seminars, continuous medical education etc.,

Aims of Medical Education Unit
1.Faculty Development
2.Curriculum Development
3.Research in Medical Education
4.Development of Research Center
5.Continuing Medical Education
6.Policy Development
7.Developing system of assessment
8.Developing communication skills
9.Developing and implementing instructional designs


This institution has various committees headed by Professors of various departments for smooth running of administrative works, academic activities and patient welfare.


This center has organized community out reach programme and health education programmes under the auspices of department of community medicine and medical education unit on various National / International health days such as world health day, world TB day, world AIDS day , breast feeding week etc., The celebrations were well covered by daily newspaper published from Tiruchirapalli.


Thus this centre will fulfill the needs and expectations of the community, provide timely treatment to the sick, and assist to bring down morbidity and mortality.  by providing medical education in a patient-centered manner. Thus modern health care has emerged in a rural area of Trichy District which will play an idealistic role for other institutions. Also this institution proposes to bring community health empowerment, introduce evidence based medical education and undertake health science research.


(a) STAFF:

    Hon.Director/           Dr. K.KALAISELVI        DEAN

     Co-ordinator            Dr. PRABHU ELANGO     PROFESSOR OF PEDIATRICS

    Hon. Faculty            Dr. P.RAJENDRAN     PROF. OF PHYSIOLOGY

                                                    Dr. V.SARADA      PROF OF PATHOLOGY
                                                    Dr. P.THIRUMALAI KOLOUNDUSUBRAMANIAN    PROF. OF MEDICINE
                                                    Dr. T.P.VIJAYALAKSHMI             PROF. OF SURGERY
                                                    Dr. CHITHRA RAJALAKSHMI   PROF. OF MICROBIOLOGY
                                                    Dr. A.NAVANEETHAN                PROF. OF ORTHOPAEDICS

    Stenographer                                             Ms. MAHESWARI

    Computer Operator                                    M.Balamani

    Technicians in Audio-Visuals                      Mr.Dhaynithi                                                                                                             

    AV aids / Photographer / Artist.                  Mr.David

Infrastructure Available
The Medical Education Unit is provided with adequate infrastructure    facilities.

Conference Hall
A well ventilated conference room in available with a conference table and chairs for meetings and discussions.

Internet facilities
The unit is also provided with a 24hrs internet facilities enabling access to latest in Medical Education technology and also connected to the regional training center and other medical colleges.

Communication Facilities
The MEU is well connected with all the departments and their HODs via    intercom and internet

Public address system
The MEU is also provided with adequate public address system like Amplifier, microphones and speaker and also projection systems like LCD, projector, and Screen,

(b)   Equipment available       
Over Head Projector                 -   1 No.

Slide Projector/LCD                  -   1 No.

Computer with Printer               -   1 No,

T.V.                                        -   1 No.

VCD Player                             -   1 No.

Educational Cassettes             -   15 Nos.

(c) Teaching & training material available                              :   YES

(d) No. of training courses conducted by                              :   One Programme Conducted  IN 2011-2012
      Medical Education Unit                                                    on 6th -8th, Sept 2011 –monitored by MCI 
                                                                                            observer Prof.Dr.P.Surendran

          i. Categories of personnel trained                               :   PROFESSORS, ASSOCIATE. PROFESSORS,
          ii.   Number trained in each category in 2011              :    PROFESSORS                              -  09
                                                                                             ASSISTANT PROFESSORS           – 19
                                                                                             TUTOR                                          – 01       

Academic/CME programs:

Basic Course Workshop 2012

CME Programs

Workshop Programs

Journal Club Meeting